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More FREE stuff will come in time, so check back.

Harry Parker’s Fav LR Presets For FREE

These are my  most used and asked about presets for LightRoom for just signing up for my newsletter.  You will also get a video that shows you how to install and use them.  Through the newsletter I will answer your most burning photography questions.  You will get tips and tricks, specials and whatever you need help to succeed as a photographer.



For The Business

Below you will find some cool stuff to help with your photography business.  It’s one thing to be an artist, but if you want to survive, you have to be a business person.  More will be added regularly.

The Tofurious Guide to Pricing:

Tofurious is simply a TRIP.  A marketing genius who knows people, photography & marketing, I highly suggest you sign up for his blog.  He doesn’t post as much since becoming Market Wiz for the most respected, glamorous, and expensive wedding magazine out there, Grace Ormond Wedding Style. It is the creme de le creme of style, fashion and $$$$.  All of his tips are relative for any photo professional. His EBook Creative Packaging & Pricing is a big hit and something not to miss.


What You Will Get When Finished:

  • understanding of how prices affect customer commitment
  • techniques for crafting an attractive package
  • pricing sales tactics during consultations
  • strategy on helping clients understand the value of your work
  • usage of powerful incentives
  • methods on effective upselling
  • how to handle deposits and payments


Smugmug PRO Galleries

SmugMug is fast becoming the biggest online fulfillment house for the most professional photographers. I have been with Smugmug for years and love the constant improvements and customer service.  The yearly fee is the best value in the industry.  Their print labs are some of the best and the same ones I use for my PRO Portrait Business.  One of the great things about SmugMug is they do not have upload limits, so you can use their service as a complete backup for all your work.  You can also customize the Gallery to seamlessly work as part of your new website. Simply Amazing.

lens rentalBorrow

Borrow allows you to try before you buy.  Check out that new lens, flash, body, whatever you’ve got an itch for in your photography wants and needs.  The possibility of stretching your comfort zone, try new equipment and ideas on the fly is truly possible with the ability to affordably borrow equipment for a special project.  Try it!


For Your Website

Once your WordPress site is up, you will eventually be looking for a theme to enhance every aspect of the experience, yours and  your clients.   There are tons.  I could make a long list.  There are many, many reliable themes out there.  I do recommend paying for a theme.  Paid themes include better support, updates and code that is much better then something for FREE.

 Elegant Themes

I have built several websites from Elegant themes.  Team Go4iT and Counseling Breakthrough are just two examples. They provide rock-solid themes, updates and support forums. Buy one and you have access to all of their themes for just $39!!  They have over 70 themes to choose from.


There a lot of hosting options.  I highly suggest GoDaddy or HostGator.

Getting online shouldn't be tough. $7.99 .COMsGodaddy

There a lot of hosting options.  I highly suggest GoDaddy, or HostGator .  There are many others.  If you are just starting out, go with GoDaddy.  They are the top domain registrar so you will be able to keep your name and hosting in one place.  That helps make it simpler.  GoDaddy has upgraded their servers so they are faster now.  They have some of the best customer service and tech support. Customer support is 24 hour support.

Inexpensive Hosting With Speed

Host Gator

Uses CPanel, like blue host.  It’s a lot simpler to navigate as a hosting service.  Customer service is pretty good.  There are some differences, but once you are up and running, you will never notice.


Continuing Education

Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers

This is a must have for any photographer.  Today is the day of tribes, connection and conversation.  Learn what to do with all that STUFF we supposedly are supposed to have, use, and understand.



  • Develop a strong marketing strategy to achieve your business goals
  • Zoom in on your best customers and most promising prospects
  • Explore the pros and cons of specific social media channels
  • Understand the vital skill of listening
  • Find out how and why to promote the luxury angle of photography
  • Discover how to inspire brand evangelists through social media
  • Learn important survival tips for your social media program

The 4-Hour WorkWeek

Getting harder to find in print.  This is by far the craziest business book I have ever read. This guy is a NUT! A must read if you want to truly LIVE the dream.  It is a no nonsense look at what it takes and how to decrease your workload, make more money, and live the dream through the internet.  Buy it, read it, live it.



The Great Book of BASE

This is by far the most comprehensive look at BASE jumping on the planet.  Up until now there has been nothing but mentorships, forums and stories to compile enough knowledge not to kill one’s self.  In one book you get an in depth look at the sport and everything that surrounds it including an incredible education on weather itself, especially mountain weather.



Above All Else

The skydiving breakthrough book of the century.  A personal account of one man’s story of excellence and perseverance.  Dan Brodsky plane crash survival to world champion story is a must read for any skydiver.  This book will put to rest any reason you come up with CAN’T.



Dancing on Raindrops
Using the adventures of skydiving that we all know and love, Lucky Mike takes the lessons learned and applies them to a life of success.  This is one book that any skydiver can understand.





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