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Here are my BEST Raves:

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On Marketing

As a Marketing Agency, it is vital that we work with high energy, innovative
people who can give flight to our client’s initiatives and create oceans
upon which these ideas (Dreams) can sail.  In 2010, we looked to Harry
Parker to bring a look and feel to our clients that would amplify the
originality of their brands and convey a sense of individualism for them
within a growing and competitive market. This is always a difficult task for
anyone. Mr. Parker’s professionalism and ongoing commitment to our clients
was a driving force in making our initiatives a success. Working with Harry
is just plain easy, comfortable and rewarding. The quality of his work is
unparalleled. Adventure Cooperative Marketing looks forward to a long and
fruitful relationship with Harry Parker. We highly recommend Harry Parker to
any company looking to strengthen their brand with a fresh and cutting edge
rebirth of imagery and representation.

Jason Fogg
Adventure Cooperative Marketing Agency LLC

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ON Team Development

“After Team Development Accelerated learning Course with Team ILL Vision”

I have already seen a huge difference in communication from team members. Harry, the meeting was much larger than the team. It will inspire all of us to be better fathers, husbands, boyfriends, teammates, friends and individuals. Thanks for a great first meeting. I am looking forward to the next one in September.


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On Coaching

“Harry took the time to sit down with me and review my progress through AFF and any concerns I had before we got started on the jumps. He then customized the coaching with my specific goals in mind……he has a relaxed, patient approach that makes the entire experience fun from start to finish…..I can’t believe how much I learned in just one day, and am continuing to learn.  ……Harry changed my skydiving experience for the better and I just can’t wait to go again. If you have a chance to do coached jumps with Harry…do it!! He is absolutely awesome!! “

Joanne Liukkonen

“After wanting to learn how to fly a wingsuit for many months i finally managed to book a winter trip to the sun and was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Harry. From the start Harry was truly professional, making not only the ground training interesting and educational, but also fun. From my first jump through to my last Harry gave encouragement and advice which helped me to develop my fling skills and he continues to be a source of knowledge which i still use. I had an idea that i would enjoy wingsuiting, however, working with Harry resulted in me finding my new skydiving discipline. A great guy to work with, don’t miss the opportunity if you have the chance…..”


I am one of the first “grads” from Castaway Coaching Skydiving School ran by Harry Parker.  I am writing this not as I just get my “A” license (which I did through their assistance), but as I just have completed my “B” license.  I was trained to a much further extent than other jumpers who got their coaching from others, and it shows.  I am a conscientious, safety oriented jumper who has been trained to always be observant of possible hazards and know how to avoid them.  I received training far and above the training others received I feel certain, and I had a BLAST doing it.  Harry’s thoroughness and his method of ingraining things when he was coaching me, still ring true.  I find myself hearing his voice “Always check your handles” before the door opens…and “notice the altitude of the cloud deck” to this day.  His manner of teaching was very enthusiastic, and I still crack up when I think of the grins he wore while we were jumping together.  Harry always goes out of his way to make others feel welcome and fit in during events at the DZ, and his style of coaching made me feel immediately comfortable.  Harry is more than a coach to me, he is a friend.  I cannot wait to get another 100 jumps done so I can learn wingsuit from him.  As far as recommending a coach goes there is only one as far as I am concerned, The Harry Parker, of Castway’s Coaching.

Rob Tanner

Finally I found time to write something. I was at Sebastian 2 months ago and now for me it’s a very good memory. I really appreciated the way you accommodated me. Your availability and your good mood made me feeling good there, I didn’t want to go back home! The jumps were very fun, safely and enriching for me. The wingsuit is amazing! This trip will remain engrave in my mind as an exceptional experience, partly thanks to you.

Thank you, Guillaume .. Sorry for my english 😉


I wanted to leave you a quick RAVE about the coaching sessions we have had.  Thanks for all the patience and time you have spent with me.  It was an absolute BLAST to jump with someone else, especially of your caliber.  Being a student jumper doesn’t give one an idea of fall rate, heading, etc.. as well as jumping with someone else does… Not only have you been great in reinforcing the basic building blocks of skydiving, you have taken an interest in making sure that we are comfortable and succeed in our lessons, truly an attribute to Skydive Sebastian!!…Thanks for everything and I look forward to much more learning in the future.  Will be up next weekend for more!!

Rob Tanner

 On The Water Training course

 “Living in Florida and jumping at a DZ basically surrounded by water, this class is a necessity and could be a life saver.  Thanks for continuing my skydiving education!”

Robert Tanner

“Great Course!  All aspects of an emergency situation were covered.  I learned a lot more from this course then I thought I would, even stuff that I could use in other emergencies.”

Simon Trevinod

Hey Harry

Thanks for sorting me out at such short notice with the water training. You saved me a load of hassle back in the UK. It was a blast, i got a lot out of it, and who can argue with free BBQ!

You’re one of those rare people who fill a room with laughter, like a naughty schoolboy who still gets his work done. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious and your accomplishments impressive.

Dont stop being you Harry – If anyone tells you otherwise you must remember the three Buddha’s:

Be Agressive – in ignoring them,

Be Mindful – that they are misguided

Be Aware – they are in a minority.

(See – your teaching methods do make things stick 😉

English Greg

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On Photography/Video

Photography isn’t just about a picture. It is about a moment in time. Harry captures life’s moments in his photographs. Anyone can take a picture but Harry takes memories. From babies to yoga instructors…….He is an artist and takes his craft seriously. He is also extremely knowledgeable and professional. We are extremely happy with our family photographs and those he took of our growing girls. You won’t be disappointed.

Chris Brown 

It is with great pleasure I recommend Harry Parker Photography. While Harry has captured me beautifully in the past, his most recent shoot of my 16 month old son, mother and I is incredible. He flawlessly memorialized a day in the life of my home and family – and made it fun and enjoyable. I will forever cherish Harry’s work, he really knows how to capture the best in his subjects all while making them feel comfortable and at ease. I cannot speak highly enough of him and his photography – it’s art. Impeccable.

Heather Haun

I have been lucky enough to be the subject of Harry’s shoots many times, and have also been to many of the events he has photographed. Harry knows how to tell a story with the camera, how to capture the best in people, and how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He has a fun, energetic personality, and fits in well with the people he is photographing. People WANT their picture taken when Harry is the one shooting! His end product is beautiful, and I especially love the story books he produces of events – priceless!

Shireen Khavari

Thank you for our WONDERFUL Christmas book! It is just redamfantasmagorical!!   I shall be taking it to Lovango to show it off of course! Go Christmas 2007 is my favorite book of all time. Is that because it is our own beloved Love Shack which Harry has so lovingly portrayed? Probably so, but it is amazing! We have taken many photos of our  home over the years, but Harry’s unique talent is evident in each shot he took. He then put them all together in an elegantly, artful manner.

Toni Leapold

The time and effort you spent at KSI was beyond expectations.  I think there are some great shots of the facility and products.  Thank you so much for putting this great package together. I am out of the office until Thursday afternoon, but I am still expecting to meet with you to review the edited photos on Friday afternoon.  I have not heard from the web developer yet.

Steve Klibansky

Thank you so much Harry, your awsome!
I just browsed through the photos and they are all so awsome, I can’t decide which ones to buy!
I’m going to order some soon to send my family in ohio, their begging me for some pics! lol. Thanks alot again you are a great artist you did a surpurb job! When are you getting your but back to florida? We miss you down here! t2yL………x0x0x0

The box arrived today…it is just wonderful…a fabulous tribute to Steve.  It is hard to type as my fingers feel a bit shaky after looking at all the photos and the words beside the photos.

You are so kind and I thank you so much for making a book that I can look at again and again.  Your note was very dear, kind and thoughtful.


Harry, this wall collage is so perfect! I actually enjoy spending more time in this room because I love looking at it. Bodhi’s Grandparents in England were thrilled and surprised…….
Your talent for photography alone is something to be very very proud of. You don’t just snap pictures, you capture moments. I have never seen such attention to detail. I am forever grateful for the time you spent with us this afternoon. …..You’re the best Harry!

Tiffany Brown

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Harry Parker on a project in the Bahamas. We started an extreme sports resort and needed to showcase what we had to offer. We needed a photographer that could capture the excitement of the sports we were involved in like skydiving and kitesurfing but also make our staff and property shine. Having worked with several other photographers on this same project I must say that we are extremely happy with the end result. Harry was professional yet extremely personable. He was able to do everything we asked of him and he took it a step further by writing a travel story and marketing for us through an amazingly orchestrated website and blog. We were blown away at some of the amazing shots he was able to capture! His passion for photography and his talented writing make him a double edged sword able to tackle any project and add his personal flair to make it shine. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well Harry pictures are worth millions!

Jesse Cors – Rum Cay Adventures

“Harry Parker took photos for my 40th birthday celebration, and his work went above and beyond my expectations! I have never seen anyone be able to tell a story with photography the way Harry can. He is fun, patient, easy to work with, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of his work. Thank you so much, Harry, for capturing a great day and creating wonderful memories with your pictures!”

Rebecca Carswell

Nicole Zarella

Since my first jump in September, I have admired your work (when I was first introduced to it I became a fan on FB)….how honored I was to knkow you captured such a special day for us…….We are so grateful.

Hello Harry,

Wow!  I am in awe….how will we ever choose photos for an album!  They are all so beautiful.  We can never thank you enough for the wonderful photos, the love you captured for us to enjoy always. I am speachless.

Love and LIght, Mariclare and Paul

Hi Harry,

I just had the pleasure of viewing Mariclare and my Dad’s wedding album; as I was sitting at my computer, my whole family came up behind to view over my shoulder. A series of oohs and ahhs followed. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing artist you are, and how much we all enjoyed the photos and the memories they evoked. I am happy to have met you.

Gina LoBue Smith


You did a fantastic job capturing the personalities of each individual! The pictures make us smile and reminisce about the full week. The warmth and love within the family shines out of your slide show and, as has been said many times, “your pictures speak a thousand words”. We will be able to relive the week with the moments you have captured. Thank you for that gift.

Looking forward to the next time we see you. Take care.  With love, Eileen

Harry Parker has the gift of capturing love & fun – in action – on film.   Amazingly, he caught each one of our large (& loud) crowd in a number of poignant, lovely, robust, and silly photographs.  He produced an exquisite slide show that told our family’s love story without saying a word.

If you’re looking for a great professional photographer; a fun guy; a guy with integrity who knows how to capture the moment; then Harry Parker is your man.

~Lauren T. Moose Pond, ME


you have rendered me speechless… i think that what you have created is absolutely perfectly beautiful… i don’t have words to describe the feelings that arose while i looked at the show…you captured the perfection of us all… i am so moved.. for me to have this as a marker for the beginning of my awakening is such a gift.. your vision is amazing.. the pictures are so unique.. truly beautiful.. i will never be able to express to you how beautiful you are, we all are… i am so humbled.. touched, moved ,and inspired… this is such a gift for you to share with us… you are such a gift.. i am honored to have you as a friend..i love you and cherish you harry.. i have to stop.. i am pouring tears all over the place.. i wouldn’t change a thing… thank you harry… thank you sooo much…. yes, i would purchase this book i’ll put in an order for several… take care of yourself.. you are precious..

love jini

It was a great time! Pictures are wonderful might be ordering more! Everyone was commenting on what a good sport you were, will recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer!

Maureen DiMaria

Hi Harry! I was the roller girl at the Skydive New England drop zone… I had you take a group photo of the Ripcord Cafe Staff. I just purchased some of your photos and wanted to say… artist to artist… that your photography is breathtaking! Great job photographing Tiki Bar weekend! What an amazing collection of photos!

Good luck with your future adventures! Hopefully you be taking next year’s pictures!


Thank you so very much!!

It was great to meet you Harry!

I’m glad you enjoyed your visit at SNE…it was awesome having you around…you are such good energy and take great photos! =) You did a great job of capturing how special this place is in your pictures…thank you for that. We look forward to running into you again somewhere soon in the future! Till then! Thanks again for everything….

Blue skies, ~Erin (Manager for Skydive New England)


You rock! For the past 2 weeks everyone has been raving about how awesome you and your website is. We have all seen the slideshow and its awesome!

I had a blast up here and im super happy with everything. I’ll be back in Sebastian come Nov. I cant wait to see you. Thanks for everything. Love, Greg

Lisa and I would like to thank everyone that came to our Boogie. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up for our first event. Harry, Lisa and I would like to thank you personaly for capturing the true essence of our event, and we were truly honored with your presence. We look forward to working with you in the future and we hope you will be apart of the 2009 Everglades Boogie, as we will work even harder to make the next one even bigger and better.


Wow – what a vibe at Air Adventures!  This place is on the verge of EXPLOSION and I credit it all to Rick and Lisa.  Thanks to them, my visit  there as a vendor was nothing like work at all.  Thank you also, Harry, for capturing it all and putting it out there for all of us to remember, appreciate, and re-live everyday until we do it again next year.  We learned a lot from this boogie, and FlexVision plans to bring even more to this event next year so long as we are blessed with the opportunity to partake in such an awesome event once again.  Cheers and Blue Skies……


Wow, beautiful shots. You really caught the vibe. I look forward to working with you on a regular basis. Thanks for the memories!


You captured the energy of an incredible 1st  boogie.  The variety of aircraft and the great vibe were fantastic.  Hot air balloon jump!  You bet.  Rockin’ hellicopter, oh yes.  Skyvan, Otters, this is no small dz anymore.  Rick and Lisa worked around the clock to make it all come together.  Friendly, supportive skydivers and organizers, you caught it on camera.  Can’t wait to see the video.



thank you harry.. your pictures are amazing, you have captured the perfection of us all..  you seem to have captured the beauty that is in all of us, the beauty that surrounds all of  us, you are an extraordinary photographer.  not to mention that you are a blast to have around, and you make the BEST cookies.. i wish for you all the success in in your career, you deserve it..  thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.  thank you for your kind words and generous heart..love you harry parker.

Sincerely, jini

WOW To Our Harry Parker,

I know you saw the photo spread of our Lovango Love Shack in that national magazine and commented on the quality of the photography. Well when I compare yours with it I see the the same beauty plus those special “Harry” things you do with imagination and creativity, WOW!

Not only did you do a fantastic job with the scenery but the portraits of all us folk and our critters are incredible.  I know that your very special talents will take “The Harry Parker” to the top of the photographic world. You and your camera are welcome on Lovango anytime.

Love ya, Toni

Events in life occur unexpectedly-some prearranged, some happy and some sad. Documenting these events in our life can truly inspire us, heal us, encourage us and help us celebrate life’s moments. Harry Parker captured my brothers celebration of life at his memorial ash jump at Skydive Sebastian in Florida. Harry’s videography and photo skills captured all aspects of my brother’s beliefs-from his mentoring as a father and musician, as well as his love of flight. Harry’s ability to see the world intimately through the camera lens allowed for a wonderful video in which everyone can reflect upon forever.   What Harry can bring to the documentation of life’s events, no matter if it’s a skydive, wedding or graduation, is powerful – and the love and energy underlying his work is beautiful and apparent to all. Through Harry’s passion and skill, my family and friends are able to celebrate my brother’s life in a way that is truly honorable. Thank you Harry- your work is to be commended.

Blue skies to all,

With love,

Ballistic BOB

Having witnessed the tireless and selfless caregiving that you provided Jimmy during his final time on this physical level, I can only imagine the emotional and spiritual experience it must have been to assist in his transition.

Thanks for allowing us to share those intimate moments.  And, thanks to all who contributed.  The unique and special bond among you is quite apparent.



Tonight was the first time I’ve checked out your website.  You’re a PHENOMENAL photography. I watched the ash dive video and was moved to tears.  It was beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Carolyn Karpel

Mr. Parker,

I have had the pleasure of viewing  many of your pictures and videos.   I think you are an excellent photographer  and I hope you continue in your practice.   I look at many photographers pictures and videos and find that you capture the essence of the moment.  It’s like being there.

Many thanks, Jorge Banegas

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On Events


Harry, you did an outstanding job of documenting our very intimate weekend of great “POP’S” skydives organized by our world class organizer ” Lyle Presse”!
Hopefully we all make the cut for the record come November?
Awesome energy, great weather…..thank you for making us look GOOD!


Jeannie B

Have you ever met someone, and forever afterwards, whenever you think about him, you find yourself smiling?  That’s the kind of person Harry Parker is.  A smile maker.  🙂

It was a delight to meet and talk to him this weekend at the Hog Flop Boogie.  I loved his outgoing personality.  He made a boring raffle drawing into pure entertainment.

Its always amazes me that such well-known skydivers, like Harry, would take the time to talk to the “little guys” and make us feel important.  I was honored that he spent some time with me.

Jennifer McKinney


Just wanted to thank you again for hosting an awesome boogie – what a great and memorable time, and, allowing me to stay at your place and making me feel right at home.  That was very kind and generous of you.

The whole weekend was magical and thank you for being the nucleus to make it happen.  I know all the folks that show up help make it work, simply as participants, but it is you that has the vision, and then the will and energy to make it a reality. Without you, it just wouldn’t happen.

So, again, thank you for everything.  I sure appreciate it and I will look forward to the next time we get to share the sky.

Blues, Mike Masheff

This was an amazing event and thanks to everyone who helped out and especially to the amazing Harry who not only got the dunk tank but MADE the dunk tank a great and somewhat naked success!  I had a blast and i’m glad everyone was there to show support for Krysta.  Thanks again!


WOW.  The video was really and truly amazing also.  As much as it touched me I know this was priceless for Ballistic and it’s all thanks to you guys for being the people that you are!


It was such an honor to be a part of this jump.  Thank you for taking such great photos and making such a beautiful blog about it, Harry.  Luv, Becca

Thank You Harry, for choosing to have this party and bringing everyone together. The slide show is great! You are GREAT!!!

Lots of Love! Tiff


thank you for pulling this together, what a  great night….

i know how much effort you put in for that night to succeed and it did….great job man !



Thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful and classy event for all of us.  You put so much time, effort and love in to making it special for all of us and……it works!  Your pictures are so much fun to look through.  Each persons personality shows through.  Beautiful!  Thank you for all of your effort.  It is appreciated by all!!!

Merry Christmas, Renee


Thank you so much for having us.  I think it’s nice that we get these opportunities for everyone to get cleaned up and put on some fancy clothes!  We’re so used to seeing each other covered in sweat out at the dz!  And what a great group of people!  The party was beautiful, and the people twice as beautiful.

Thank you so much for all the organization you put into all of it, you are a delightful host, and of course, thank you so much for all the photos you took and putting them all up on the website for us to enjoy.

Oh, and, the egg nog was soooo yummmmmy!!!

Looking forward to our next jump together, Harry!  Team Harry’s Mad Hatters!!

Lots of love to you, Becca

What a true and important statement, Harry – these ARE THE GOOD TIMES!

Sometimes we all need to take a step back to realize how blessed we are to live the life we have, and to have great family and friends.

You did an awesome job, Harry; Susan and myself very much appreciated your effort and dedication to make this great Christmas Party the success it was.

We are the STARS indeed, and I love how bright we all shine!


Hello Harry,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the party on the 18th.  Every one there was wonderful and made it one of those events that will stay with me and make me smile :).

Thank you for all of the work you put into making the event go so smoothly!  It is not easy to put a great event together, you did a wonderful job.

Your Belly Dancer 🙂

~ Mindy

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