Photography Services And Event Marketing

“When the organizers leave, the party is over, and the plane heads home,
the only thing left is the media.” THP

All Photography Services And Event Marketing Packages:

  1. A well rounded view of your business, people and event giving you, your customers and potential customers an inside peek into your event’s and businesses magic.
  2. Professionally edited images.   Peace of mind your photos are ready to use and of the highest quality.
  3. Online Gallery – Photos uploaded to PRO Online EZ Share Galleries for downloading, printing, and storage.
  4. Pre-event consultation to leverage your efforts and money, narrow your goals and discover hidden opportunities to leverage your marketing investment.
  5. Rights to usage agreements – security in your rights to utilize the photos as intended and agreed upon.

Experienced in all forms of skydiving, RW, FreeFly, WingSuit, and CReW

  • Feel confident knowing your event is fully covered.

Modern Journalistic style gives you a unique reflection separating your event and business from the pack.  Capturing events in motion, as they happen gives an authentic feel for your event, business and people.

Portable Studio – Red carpet treatment for event parties or special projects, provide star appeal to customers, events and the ensuing conversation around them.

Professionally edited and cataloged & Stored – means security in your investment for the future.

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Additional Photography Services & Event Marketing:

  • FaceBook Fan tabs  for your company’s Fan page.  Fan Page Tabs are an excellent way of increasing your company’s fan base, offering services, and capturing leads for future sales and marketing.
  • Pre – Live – Post event posting  on facebook and professional SEO blog platform.
  • Article Writing and Photo submission to industry magazines.
  • Blog Posting  – with links to your media, site and social outlets.
  • Facebook photo uploading  – To your Fan page and others keeps the event alive well after it ends.
  • Facebook & Social Media Training for your team – Ability to work with your team to create the social viral energy needed to out-perform the competition.
  • Online gallery  for viewing, purchasing & downloading.
  • Fully embed-able slide-shows  for your web sites, emails, etc.
  • Custom event Printing including event books, wall art in canvas, metal, and ready-to-hang pieces for business or home.  Post Cards, Posters, etc.
  • Videos   quickly edited of the event or raw video available for properties editors.
  • Emcee – Harry Parker is long known for his Emcee abilities, hosting Nationals, World competitions, swoop competitions and Bridge Day in West Virginia.

Social Media & Your Marketing

Be the first and beat the competition.  In today’s world, no event is complete without social marketing. Ads don’t sell anymore, they remind.  Social media is the conversation, the testimonials and raves about your event that persuade, convince and close.  Engagement attracts, builds your brand and your bottom dollar.

Understanding how to actually leverage your media in a timely manner across all your channels is crucial to squeezing everything out of your investment.  Harry will guide you through the process and most custom packages will take the labor and risk off your hands.

A well laid out marketing plan should begin well before your event, during your event and most importantly, after your event.

No worries.  Harry Parker will be there to help facilitate a healthy and robust audience conversation before, during, and after the event working with you and your staff utilizing online video tutorials and gentle guidance.

Need Help?

Contact Harry Parker Directly for a 30 min strategy session for your social marketing vision.     Online Coaching For You, Your Business & Staff Available.


  Experienced Memorial Documentation

Professional memorial documentation and production, including custom books reflecting the best the community member had to offer the world around them. A one-of-a-kind special piece presented in custom book and a custom printed DVD slideshow or video case for family and friends alike.

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