Team PattyCake Film Festival

Video Festival at Skydive New England with Team Pattycake

SNE Video Festival 2011

The Team PattyCake Film Festival was inspired by the awesome festival held at Skydive Chicago every year at Summerfest. We hope to inspire all camera flyers at Skydive New England to make creative videos to share with the community and promote the sport.

This first year was a complete success despite the approaching Hurricane Irene barreling down on the  Drop Zone.  Below are the winners.  Get ready for next year.  Contact Mason LaCoste via email for questions and information.

Check out the videos

First Load By: Brian Touhey

Summerfest 2011 By: Mason & Bones

SDC Summer Fest X BY:  Andrew

May By: Andrew

July By: Andrew

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  1. Bones

    Details for this years event:
    Saturday, August 18th at 9ish PM, down front
    -Videos should not exceed 6 minutes in length
    – All submissions must be submitted in DVD format and given to either Mason or Bones by Friday August 17th

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