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After Listening to the Skydive Radio Interview regarding Jump IN!, here is what a struggling student had to say.

Hello Harry,

I have been an on again and off again AFF student that has not made it past level 3 in the 2 years since my first jump. There have been several contributing factors to this, but I have not given up on pursuing my A license. To my point. I was listening to the latest Skydive Radio podcast with great interest and what you had to say really struck a chord with me, and I feel like one of those in your core target. The vitals on me are 40 year old divorced dad of 2 and I live 10 minutes from SNE. The reason this is important is because no matter how little I have progressed thus far skydiving, that DZ and the people there make it feel like a home for me. I feel a sense of belonging and a sense of mattering to those around me. Ewok has NOT forgotten my name no matter how few times I have been manifested….Eli pays attention to my goals and understands my personality and hang-ups….YOU have listened to me and tried to calm my nerves., etc., etc. The bottom line is that this is MY year to get this monkey off my back. That being said, the reason I felt compelled to drop a line was that connecting with those that will help elevate you is important. This is something that I need to do no matter how much of an infant to the sport I am. In the times I have jumped, out in the open air I have done fine. The anxiety just prior is my issue, and part of that is blocking myself off mentally from the huge amount of experience around me on the plane. Sitting in the door and not wanting to look like a moron (no matter how trivial) is a big deal for me. In any event, thank you for being a positive force and a continuing inspiration to all and those like me.


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