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 Learn how you can bring the Jump IN! Spirit, Education, Safety and Fun to YOUR drop zone.  

Contact ANY Jump IN! Leader below for more information.


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Take a listen to Harry Parker’s Skydive Radio Interview Regarding Jump IN!

Mission: Inspire and nurture the skydiving culture and community one jump, one skydiver, and one drop zone at a time.

Vision: Take the students and give them experience, take the experience and make them leaders, and take the leaders and grow the drop zone.

Slogan:           “Don’t Just Stand There, JUMP IN!”

How: The plan is to unify student jumpers and fun jumpers through education, camaraderie, and leadership for the benefit of the individuals, the group, and the business.   We will bridge the gap from student status to fun jumper through education and leadership training in a space that is safe and conducive to development, breeding the staff and leaders of tomorrow. Examples include: social hubs for communication, ie, Jump IN! Fan Page, email lists, events, as well as courses concentrating on jumpers’ needs and wants.


  • Encourage the participation of all jumpers to share information and consciously create their skydiving vision.
  • Make the DZ safer by educating new jumpers early in their career and accelerating their learning process by quick introduction into the community and culture of skydiving.
  • Create skydiving career direction for jumpers early on through quality organizing, video debrief, and the open sharing of information and skills through all communication hubs.
  • Create a unified tribe of fun jumpers through events produced solely by Jump IN! and its members including travel to other drop zones and locals.

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