Every one of these companies has supported me over the years. If you happen to give patronage to one, please tell them Harry sent you.  It would mean a lot to me to send business their way!

Contact me personally if you would like to own some of this cool stuff.  Need info or sizing for a custom fit?  Just call.

Jumping Gear

Wings Rigs

I LOVE my wings rig.  Skydive Wings makes a super comfortable and very dependable line of rigs.  In 2011, I got caught in an RW formation and took it very low for safety.  I blew an “A” line on my Katana and was deep into the trees over Skydive New England.  Without a lot of time to decide, I went for a canopy transfer.  The reserve came out fast and clean, on heading, and the cutaway was as smooth as butter.  There wasn’t a moment I didn’t have fabric over my head, and I just cleared the trees making it to the landing area.  If you are interested in checking out my rig or getting one of your own, see me for a custom fit!

Asylum BASE

Asylum BASE is by far one of the best BASE Jumping Gear manufacturers in the world.  Good fitting, good looking, totally functional rigs and canopies.  I love my Seven.  The flight and flare allow me to put it anywhere I want even when I’m not where I wanna be. Marty and his family are long time friends who I trust with my life.  Everything is custom and handmade to order.  You cannot go wrong with Asylum.


I love AeroDyne produces the Pilot for camera work and for wing suiting.  The cross use of this canopy provides consistent openings and landing during the times I really need it.  From Low pulls to heavy camera loads to slow low openings on the largest wing suits, I can count on consistency.

TonFly Helmets

 TonFly makes some of the best production helmets in the industry of skydiving.  The 3X Plus is the money-making machine for the hardcore tandem or service oriented camera flyer.  I love the quick connects versatility in mounting, tight fit, the ability to cut away, two audible mounts, quick reverse mount, angle adjustment, and much much more.

Tony Suits

Tony Suits and Jeff Nebelkopf design some of the most extreme and best flying suits in the skydiving market.  Durability, custom fit, and outflying performance are standard.  Get your wings on, get a Tony Suit.  See me for a custom fit.

Kurupee Suits

Love my Kurupee suits.  Kurupee has been a friend and sponsor for many years.  Kurupee outfitted our whole Team ILL Vision, and I’ve been flying them ever since.  I am soon to come out with my own Camera Signature Suit made by Kurupee just for me and my following.  If you are just off student status or an experienced freefly artist, we’ve got a suit for you.  See me personally for a custom fit.

Deep Seed Suits

Deep Seed Skydiving Dedicated Hardware make some of the toughest suits around.  This is my first recommendation to people just getting off student status, hard core tandem, AFF and PRO Swoopers.  See me for a custom fit.


Hypoxic products are the only real GO TO PRO Skydiving Camera oriented equipment.  I have no idea what I would be doing for these electronics if it wasn’t for Hypoxic


Friends and Sponsors I am Grateful For 

Team Go 4 IT!

 Team Go4it defines the edge of extreme sports, leading the XRW movement with innovative, creative, highly difficult maneuvers and stunts. With help from friends and fans, the team creates a pool of unthinkable, impossibly amazing stunts. The team selects stunts then breaks down how to execute them, turning them into reality.  The team produces weekly “stunts” selected by the views to a unique and high traffic Team Go 4 IT! YouTube Channel.

Craig O’Brien Photography

Aerial Cinematographer Craig OB resides in Perris Vally Skydiving as the GO TO PRO Cameraman for DZ services and the best of hollywood film making.  Known for his service of Big Way Formation Documentation, Craig is also known as one of the best friends to a director, producer and director of photography. Craig has always been a supporter, mentor, and close friend.  He is one of the most talented and friendliest jumpers in the industry you will ever meet. Download Craig OB’s Resume Right Here!

The Ranch PRO Shop

Friends for many, many years, Donna & Sonic of The Ranch have provided quality products and services through their own storefront, The Ranch PRO Shop, for as long as I can remember.  I’ve personally known these hard core New Yorker’s for almost 20 years.  They are the ONLY outlet for TonFly products in the USA.

Skydive New England

Skydive New England is the PREMIERE Drop Zone of the North East and hands down the best kept secret in Skydiving today.  A real community and family of skydivers built on the true foundation of skydiving, jumping, fun, camaraderie, and partying.  It is also home to the main campus of the fastest growing organization for student jumper transition, Club JUMP IN!.

Skydive Sebastian

Skydive Sebastian is the ultimate South Eastern drop zone with by far the best view in the nation.  A great small fishing town surrounds this picturesque drop zone with full amenities.

Skydive Perris

Skydive Perris Valley California is home to some of the most talented skydivers in the world and the hub of Hollywood of skydiving.

The Parachute Center at Lodi

The Parachute Center at Lodi has always been a home DZ for me as I cut my teeth there for many years.  Lodi is home to some very talented skydivers who learn jumping comes first and know first hand the meaning of competition in the sky and in life.  Lodi is also home to my two favorite skydiving and BASE jumping teams, Team GO 4 IT! and Team ILL VISION.  Run by a long standing couple Bill & Kathy Dause, there is no other Drop Zone quite like it.  Come to Lodi, the only DZ with $15 jumps.

Team ILL Vision

 Team Ill Vision is dedicated to building a community of motivated jumpers advancing the discipline of wingsuit flight. A team committed to professionalism, integrity, excellence, and service to others.  Stay tuned for the next rising of this team.

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