Harry Parker is available as a coach for skydivers in all forms of skydiving, including aerial photography.    As an athlete, Harry’s career in Skydiving and BASE jumping spans more than 20 years including on-camera talent for commercials as well as behind the camera.  

USPA and Skydive University Certified

– By Appointment only –

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Harry Parker Organizing Jump IN! Members Exiting SNE Otter




One-On-One & Group

One on One coaching

For over 20 years Harry Parker’s coaching and organizing has always been known for a high learning curve in a fun atmosphere. Whether it’s Basic RW, Basic Sit or Wing Suit, you can count on having a good time while targeting your specific goals.  No matter what you are trying to work on, safety is the foundation at all times.

From the ground and back down again, you will learn & retain basic survival skills that will last your entire skydiving career. Harry can help you from the very start or to correct bad habits. Harry is dedicated to helping newer skydivers advance towards their A license and beyond.  Skydive University training and philosophy provides the best learning structure in the industry where you will advance quickly and develop the right habit the first time, lasting a lifetime. By the time you are done, you will feel confident that you have the skills necessary to achieve the goals you set and get back in the air with others.

Fun jumper organizing for up-and-coming jumpers brings new jumpers full circle from student status to integration within the community, culture and DZ local rules.  Jumpers take what they learn in one-on-one coaching and use them in a group where it really counts. Harry is available for boogies as a video documentation expert, organizer, or both.

Matt’s Currency Jump from The Harry Parker on Vimeo.

Wing Suit Coaching

  • Harry Parker Wing Suit Coaching Over Skydive SebastianAAD, 200 Jump Minimum, Proof of Currency Required required for all first time Wing Suit Jumps.
  • The 10 jump package is highly recommended. Alternately, buy a 3 jump package and “Fly & Try” before you buy.

What you learn:

  1. Wing Suit Operation, Limitations and Care
  2. Basic Tracking And Recovery Techniques
  3. Basic Wing Suit Flight and Recovery
  4. Basic Flocking

This is a very fun time of jumping.  Harry Parker’s coaching and organizing has always been known for a high learning curve in a fun atmosphere.  When you are done you will know for sure if wing suit flying is for you.  You’ll have the confidence to continue flying on your own and with others.  You will also be able to purchase your suit before you leave.

Your experience is documented by a professional photographer with service and products you just won’t find anywhere else.  From embed-able and shareable slideshows to ready-to-hang pieces, your first wingsuit jumps are documented for memories that last a lifetime.

The "A" Lic. Una Dunne Earns Her ABasic RW just off Student Status

Get your “A” & Have A Blast program

If you are just off student status or having problems keeping up with everyone else, try some coaching for a couple of jumps.  You will be amazed at what one-on-one attention can produce and what kind of skills can emerge in a short amount of time.  Learn and practice good habits for a lifetime of fun and limitless skydiving.

If you are seeking your A license, are having confidence problems, or need more coaching to master a skill, it is highly recommended you commit to a ten jump package.


What You Learn:

  1. Specific Building Block oriented instruction for Basic Body Flight, combining stability, forward, backward, up, down movement targeting proximity and heading controls.
  2. Basic Safety work from the ground up, including flight plan, aircraft, spotting, exits, altitude awareness, proper tracking, free fall collision avoidance, multiple jumper awareness and canopy control accuracy for the busy DZ.
  3. Complete debriefs and ground work for all your jumps.
  4. Video available for purchase in raw format

This is NOT a rush job.  You will be given the time and room to move at your own pace.  By the end, we will be jumping with others putting together what you have learned.  Don’t waste your money on jump-n-hope when you can save money and have more fun quickly and efficiently.

Una Jumps for Joy after Earning her A licThe bottom line:  you will be a better, safer, and more confident flyer as well as more  comfortable with ground operations and aircraft operations with specialized coaching..  You will have more awareness of what’s going on around you, a better connection to your fellow jumpers, the DZ and, most importantly, have more fun!

Many new jumpers complain of feeling like a cast-a-way after graduating AFF.  Kicked out of the nest to fend for themselves in the middle of a busy DZ, surrounded by seemingly “experienced” jumpers. It can be a daunting experience.  You show up one Saturday as having ‘graduated’ and wonder,  “Now what?”  In response, I created Club Jump IN! which now has two growing campuses.  One at Skydive New England and one at Skydive Sebastian.  Make sure to check out the Jump IN! Raves Page and the Club Jump IN! Website as well as both the Fan pages found on the info page.

Dan Makes his 100th skydive with Club Jump IN! from The Harry Parker on Vimeo.


 3 Jump Package         $135 +slots

  • Raw Video $30
  • Edited Video $100

10 Jump Package       $350 +slots  

  • Raw Video $80
  • Edited Video $200

1st WingSuit Flight Course          $100 + slots

  • Raw Video Included If Video is used

Boogie Event Organizing          $300 Day

  • plus 1/2 days for travel, expenses and board

Professionally Edited Photos Printed or Downloadable,

Available Through Harry Parker Photography Gallery

 Contact Harry Parker Directly to make an appointment and payment


Brandon’s 100th Skydive from The Harry Parker on Vimeo.

Let it be known that most on this jump were under 100 or reaching 100 jumps. This high learning curve was due to the philosophies and practices on coaching and teaching of Club Jump IN!

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