Skydive Perris Valley – Content Delivery And Sales System

Kate Coooper and Dan BC from P3 Skydiving Debrief Jumpers
Skydive Perris Valley has the coolest debrief and sales system.

Imagine hitting the ground from the dive and before you are done packing your buddy is watching the dive on his cell phone before the organizers have even seen it!! How cool is that? Once on the ground the new “Da Bomb Debrief System” is amazing. Check out the quick video below. View full post »

P3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 4 Success

Jumpers hang on to trail plane during big way skydiving, photo by harry parker
Day 4 Completion at the P3 Big Way CampSkydive Perris Valley
Barely enough time to choke down a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee and we are on our way back to altitude for the first of three jumps and the end of the P3 Big Way camp at Skydive Perris Valley. The first jump was close but not enough. But hey, it’s first thing in the morning and we have two to go.

The next jump was way more relaxed for some reason and everyone was on their game. Back in the left trail plane I was content with my visuals, trying to stay out of trouble and smile as much as possible as we closed in on the last two jumps. If we were going to get a completion, it had to be now. Leaving a completion for the last jump seems painful.

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Skydive Perris Marketing Photo Shoot

Bikini poolside action at the bombshelter skydive perris, photo by craig o'brien
After the last jump on Day 2 at the P3 Big Way Camp at Skydive Perris ValleyCraig OB and I headed straight for The Bomb Shelter for some off camera flash action.  We needed some practice to help speed things up during the actual shoot.  In today’s shoot we had to set up fast and then deal with live models, ie. Drunken happy skydivers, so we had to be quick about it.

In my Skydiving Photography Newsletter I talked about the importance of projects and products.  This is a perfect example.  If you want to be a good photographer on the ground or in the air you must have to projects where you test yourself, learn your equipment and apply what you learn.  Constantly practicing, stretching your comfort zone and educating yourself on your camera equipment pays off big. View full post »

P3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 3 Lead Plane

Day three of the P3 Camp at Skydive Perris Valley comes with a completely new formation for campers.  By the end of day many jumpers were finding their way in new challenges and acquired skills needed for the completion, but it really did seem like a long row to hoe for some.

Again, it was a day of struggle and triumph as organizers keep the vibe up and kept pushing participants to do, be, and become more for the sake of the whole.  No matter what happened, how tired they got, P3 was there to coax, cajole and conjure up the energy and positive mindset needed for everyone involved.  And, it’s HOT.  Some campers are in sweat shirts to slow their fall rate, pure dedication. View full post »

P3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 2 Left Trail Plane

PRO Skydiving Photographer Craig O'Briend under canopy over skydive perris, photo by harry parker
Day two of the P3 Big Way Camp at Skydive Perris Valley sees more marked improvement of camp participants as changes are made.  Jumpers get new exit, slot and plane assignments on the same formation as yesterday.  I get left trial plane and master the new debrief system.

Left trail plane is another exciting position for the cameraman.  Due to the fact of a left-sided door on the Otter we can’t see the lead plane and rely on several points of communication for our groups climb out.  This is the station that if a green or go from jumpers comes, I am out the door.  Last thing I want is to be blamed for a botched exit of four filled aircraft. View full post »

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