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Complete bigway skydiving formationAnother invite by Craig O’Brien and I am back in Perris Valley California for two, four-day weekends of non-stop skydiving formation fun!  I love being on-the-board for this event and with the people I get to jump with all day.  And, despite what others might think, Skydiving event photography can be fun and profitable, thanks to the forward thinking and generosity of the one and only, Craig O’Brien.

This weekend is strictly the intro camp for the 100-ways.  You never know what’s gonna happen.  Over 130 registered and over half are all newcomers to big-way skydiving.  By the end of next weekend all us photogs will be sharing the sky with each other, five otters and 100-WAYS!  Loving it.  Talk about mixing things up.

I get to share the sky with some awesome photographers as well.  Check out these names.  Know any of them?

Big Way Skydiving Event Photographers

And as you know from past posts on this event, the debrief system is bar-none the best in the world.

At present it is WINDY, so figured I would keep in touch with a post.  Look over names of the photogs.  Want to ask them a question?  Fire away and I will get an interview for ya!

This weekend it’s finding our groove, checking out the other jumpers and especially the newer jumpers.  We will also be single covering smaller groups this weekend as we move towards bigger and bigger groups, depending on the jumpers progress.  Should be a fun ride.

Cycle through all the jumpers on 20-ways then form up together to film 100-ways, it’s a process for everyone.

Right now I have access to some of the world’s best in coaching and skydiving, so let’s hear it.  I have just also found Norman Kent here working on super secret stuff.  I might just get an interview with him, time permitting. What do you want to learn today?


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ChrisMay 4, 2013 - 8:43 am

Hey Harry.
Great to hear from you on this.
I was wondering what type of wide angle lens for stills and video is evryone using.for video what type of camera are they using.Would be interesting to make a shoot out of different lens etc.i.e who’s gives the best image? Are you doing stills with gopro?
Good luck and keep in touch.

HPMay 4, 2013 - 12:25 pm

Thanks Chris!
Putting together a list right now and hope to get pics of everyone as well. It’s super busy, as you can imagine, twin otter formation loads, 5 of them back to back, all day.
Great Questions! You will get answers!

LeeMay 4, 2013 - 9:10 pm

Hey Harry. Id like to learn evrything at this point,but lm wondering about editin, lenses&DSLR videos vs camcorders. How you compare them? Does it worth it? Or just go small&light no matter what? What’s a best range&angle for a target if you shooting with a wide lens? A face shot? A full body shot? Is any lenses better for a night shot vs others? Thanx a lot Harry.

HPMay 5, 2013 - 9:48 am

Lee, thanks for the comment!
Be a little more specific if you can. That’s a LOT of territory to cover.
You have to start somewhere and the only way you will learn is by doing. A lot of what you are asking has to do with your experience level. If you are just starting out, go light and simple.
Overall for most shooting a small, lightweight digital camcorder is best giving you lens choice.
For a still camera, it all depends on what you are shooting, for tandems I use a GoPro, for anything of more quaity, I shoot a DSLR.
Pick a starting point. Shoot some video, keep it simple, then add a camera. Great DSLR’s with good price range and light weight, Canon XTi 2,3, or 4. Keep an eye out on the mirror-less bodies too.
For Editing, keep it simple. Programs depend on platform, PC, Mac. For photos, I highly suggest lightroom.
Think three type of photos, Wide, Medium, Close up. Wide is everything, Medium is the full body shot, close up is the head shot or detail shot. That’s three lenses for three jobs. Or a Zoom to cover a range.
Whatever you do, get started. Start shooting. Photographers shoot!! Go take some pics and lets see where you are then!
Thanks again, hope that helps.

Bill FlynnMay 8, 2013 - 10:53 am

Great information, I 2ed the light room, great program and ez to use. Do you know anyone using the samsung nx1000

thanks brother


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