I am a professional skydiver by trade with over 20+ years in the sport of skydiving and over 15+ years in BASE Jumping.

If you are looking for my Pro Portrait Site, Check out Harry Parker Phototgraphy.com

I am just another crazy adrenaline addict who loves good food, friends and travel.

What separates me from the pack is my unique ability to tell a story with my photos and video through a positive lens.  I reflect back the best your business, event and people have to offer.  I know what to do with photos after the shutter snaps.  From editing to printing to marketing and social media, you can count on a partnership to utilize your investment fully.

As just a little newbie I fell out of a Beech-18 and landed into the swamps of the Florida Everglades. I was befriended by a pack of wild CReW Dogs, wrapped up in an old CRW Unit Parachute and raised on 100 LowLead, altitude, and healthy doses of adrenaline. The Dogs taught me how to fend for myself in the wild’s of the Blue Yonder using nothing but a camera, a stack of tall tales and a pull up cord.

I love the community, culture, and travel of skydiving.  It is a truly global sport and family where every event is a reunion of sorts.  It is a group where camaraderie is thicker then blood.

Photography is my passion.  If you see or meet me, chances are I am with camera in hand.  If you are here, you have either heard about my photography, seen it, or you are looking for your photos right now.

My other concentration is on younger jumpers, helping them learn faster and assimilate into the community quickly while having all the fun I experienced in my journey.  I created Club Jump IN! to help unify that purpose within the sport and now have two growing campuses, one at Skydive New England and one At Skydive Sebastian.

Recent Projects:

  • 2012 – Web Development, Marketing, Team Development and member of Team Go4It!
  • 2010-2011 Off to Maine as Team Development and staff manager for Skydive New England
  • 2008-2009 Team development manager focusing on Team ILL Vision in Northern California
  • 2007- Present   I was also lucky enough to find the right people and formed club Jump IN! for the newbies which is going strong even in the winter.  Check out The Club Jump IN! Website.


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