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Harry Parker will get you more exposure in less time leveraging your event before, during, and after.  Harry brings to the table many abilities to compliment just about every aspect of the skydiving and event business backed by over 20 years in the sport. 

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One on One coaching

Harry Parker is available as a coach for skydivers in all forms of skydiving, including aerial photography.    As an athlete, Harry’s career in Skydiving and BASE jumping spans more than 20 years including on-camera talent for commercials as well as behind the camera.    

Photo & Sky Newsletter

Welcome to the new Harry Parker skydiving & photography newsletter.  Sign up now and get a bakers dozen of his my talked about one click wonder presets that have helped Harry get published several times over.  You will be directed to a tutorial page where you will how to install them into LightRoom, how to use them, how to create them, and how to get more for FREE!  

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